During the 70s, 80s, and 90s, I hiked and camped out in various locations in Northern Arizona, especially on the Navajo Reservation. I photographed the land and sky in its numerous images, formations, colors, and movements. I used a Pentax single lens reflex camera and developed the film into slides. Aside from presenting slide shows to my college art students and making a few prints, I stored away several hundred photographic images in slide boxes and carousels.

Recently I have begun to print some of these slides, which I deem most compelling, visually. With an eye towards a strongly vertical format, I printed several examples. For me, the images in this format are a metaphorical expression of the strong connection of earth and sky; and by extension, the static and dynamic. They are solid and opaque as well as open and transparent.

Thus, these visual accounts of recognizable images become more of an abstract conceptualization of dynamic forces in nature.

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