Conceptually, these photographs were made to represent the general area in which the artist/photographer lived as a young boy. These glimpses of rural Idaho landscape give visual and memory shape to an idyllic place experienced by an idealistic, imaginative, and active young mind. And these same qualities are still alive several decades later, as the creator now approaches 73 years of age.

Color images in this display of Idaho landscape photography were made utilizing a Canon camera, Digital Rebel XT EOS 350D. Most photographs were made using an EF 75-300mm (f/4-5.6III) zoom lens.

All of these digital images were made first in RAW mode, then manipulated for optimum print effect. Both color accuracy and image sharpness were considered in printing with an Epson archival printer, Stylus Pro 4880.

All photographs shown here have been printed on 17" x 22" Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper, a textured matte 100% cotton fiber which has an acid base. Alternate size and paper are available upon request.

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